Photos of houses

Wild log houses

Wild log house should look "wild", a sort of "forest house". This is a matter of design, not technology.

The house in this style looks brutal, therefore logs should be:

  • 1
    Massive from 50 cm in diameter, with a thick root part.
  • 2
    Roughly hand-crafted with traditional tools (ax, sharpened shovel, scraper) and retain a full texture - all the bumps and hollows.
  • 3
    Not standardized (different) in size, and laid in such a way that the remainder protruded to an uneven length.

The felling technique corner locks - Canadian or Finnish - is of no fundamental importance. The main thing is that the felling is with the remainder (in the bowl). The logs are stacked so that the tops alternate with the root parts, as well as long remains with short ones.

In decorative purposes in the construction of log houses wild logs can be used with the remnants of the root system, or strongly curved. Logs with a root system are used for exterior decoration of the house and as internal supports. Curved elements are suitable for creating stair rails.

In the interior design of a wild log house, "rough" designer furniture is usually used.

The style of "wild log house" can be successfully combined with rustic. Rustic is the style of building stone houses, or their cladding by rough-hewn stones.