Photos of handicrafts

Stairs, handmade furniture

There must be the appropriate surroundings next to log houses. Furniture, stairs, floors, ceilings, sculpture - everything should correspond to the natural harmony and beauty. The best choice for this is korneplastika. Korneplastika - is the fashionable design direction, kind of arts and crafts connected with the manufacture of small architectural forms of roots, trunks, branches and twigs of trees.

Basis reliability of any log stairs are durability and beauty. Stairs should be as beautiful as comfortable, but first and foremost safe. Steps from logs exclude heavy weight deflection. The best wood for stairs is Siberian larch, which has unique natural properties.

Comfortable, durable and practical additions to the log house are tables, benches and benches.

Compared with other furniture, the wood array can withstand the weight load for a long time, does not crack under the influence of low temperatures and moderately heats. Minor mechanical damage, which appeared during operation, can be easily repaired by grinding.