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Finishing decoration

By using wood, it is possible to minimize external and internal decoration. Usually, we limit it by grinding all surfaces, applying protective antiseptics and final polishing. It preserves and emphasizes the natural beauty and texture of the wood and protects from external influences.

After we finish the installation of the log house, it is necessary to grind and protect the logs.

Grinding logs - preparatory stage, which allows finishing processing of the entire house.

Why is grinding?

  • 1
    mechanical processing of logs allows to get rid of roughnesses and cracks;
  • 2
    grinding logs are highly adhered to antiseptics;
  • 3
    after grinding, wood has its beautiful texture, which is the main decoration of the log houses;
  • 4
    grinding prevents premature aging of the wood.

Treatment with protective antiseptics for all joints and other internal elements of the log is mandatory. Antiseptic increases the longevity of logs. It prevents the development of microorganisms, fungus and mold.

The final stage is the filling of joints between logs with sealant or rope. It creates the greatest aesthetic effect.

Finishing works can include the installation of elements for external and internal decor of the log house.